This directory contains specifications for the modules of the Cosmos SDK as well as Interchain Standards (ICS) and other specifications.

SDK applications hold this state in a Merkle store. Updates to the store may be made during transactions and at the beginning and end of every block.

SDK specifications:

  • Store - The core Merkle store that holds the state.
  • Bech32 - Address format for Cosmos SDK applications.

Modules specifications:

  • Auth - The structure and authentication of accounts and transactions.
  • Bank - Sending tokens.
  • Governance - Proposals and voting.
  • Staking - Proof-of-stake bonding, delegation, etc.
  • Slashing - Validator punishment mechanisms.
  • Distribution - Fee distribution, and staking token provision distribution .
  • Inflation - Staking token provision creation
  • IBC - Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Interchain standards

  • ICS30 - Signed messages standard.

For details on the underlying blockchain and p2p protocols, see the Tendermint specification.

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