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The first cross-chain DeFi protocol on the Cosmos Hub is now live.

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Swap, transfer, and pool assets with Emeris. Manage assets across multiple chains all in one place, elevating your DeFi experience to the next level.

The most secure cross-chain exchange protocol

Secured by over $3B of digital assets, the Gravity DEX protocol enables DeFi across multiple chains. Swaps and pools of digital assets between any connected blockchains are now possible on the Cosmos Hub.

Cosmos Hub

Token Swaps

Access to early-stage innovation

Get immediate access to all tokens from connected chains, many of which are not available on centralized exchanges. Discover new and innovative Cosmos projects, swap tokens, and provide liquidity.

Cross-Chain DeFi

Leveling the DeFi playing field

With high transaction fees on existing DEXs, DeFi is increasingly pricing out smaller traders.

The Gravity DEX protocol will level the DeFi playing field, making cross-chain DeFi accessible to all types of traders using batched transactions to dramatically lower the fees – typically between $0.01-$0.10.

Average fees


+ 0.3% swap fee

Price Efficiency

Superior efficiency
to other AMMs

The Gravity DEX protocol uses an Equivalent Swap Price Model (ESPM) to improve price consistency and reduce opportunities for arbitrage. Batch order execution further removes the possibility of front-running, making trading fairer, and traders even have the capability to build order book trading UIs to get instant market pricing information.

Connected Ecosystems

Gravity Bridge to Ethereum and beyond

The upcoming Gravity Bridge to Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains will enable substantial liquidity and value to flow into the Cosmos Hub.

Using batched transactions, Gravity Bridge can perform cheaper ERC20 sends that slash Ethereum gas fees and open up a wealth of DeFi opportunities.

Discover Gravity Bridge

$ 900 m

Total swap volume

Massive success
of the Gravity DEX testnet

21,775 traders

The Gravity DEX incentivized testnet competition ↗ racked up more than 715,030 transactions and a total locked value of ~190 million as TLV in pool investments!

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