How should ATOM holders select validators?

To select validators, ATOM holders have access to a range of information available in a Keplr interchain wallet or other Cosmos block explorers like Mintscan. Review the following information before you make a decision:

  • Validator name (also known as the moniker): Name of the validator candidate.
  • Validator description: Description provided by the validator operator.
  • Validator website: The validator's website.
  • Initial commission rate: The commission rate on rewards to a delegator.
  • Commission max change rate: The maximum daily increase of the validator's commission. This parameter cannot be changed by the validator operator.
  • Maximum commission: The maximum commission rate this validator candidate can charge. This parameter cannot be changed by the validator operator.
  • Minimum self-bond amount: Minimum amount of ATOM the validator candidate must have bonded at all times. If the validator's self-bonded stake falls below this limit, their entire staking pool (all its delegators) unbonds. This parameter exists as a safeguard for delegators. When a validator misbehaves, part of their total stake gets slashed. This stake includes the validator's self-delegated stake and their delegators' stake. The minimum self-bond amount ensures that a validator with a high amount of self-delegated ATOM has more skin-in-the-game than a validator with a low amount. The minimum self-bond amount parameter guarantees to delegators that a validator will never fall below a certain amount of self-bonded stake. This parameter can be increased only by the validator operator.

Beyond these on-chain information resources, we encourage delegators to learn more about the validator's operation, history, and security practices.