The fastest way to a production blockchain.

Starport offers everything you need to build, test, and launch your blockchain with a decentralized worldwide community.

What is it?

The toolkit of leading blockchains.

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Starport is built on top of Cosmos SDK, the world’s most popular blockchain framework. Starport accelerates chain development by scaffolding everything you need so you can focus on business logic.


From idea to production code.

of top 20 blockchains

Built with Cosmos SDK –

7 sec

Transactions confirmed in seconds.


Build your blockchain in minutes.

Use Starport CLI to scaffold and assemble a production-ready blockchain in minutes.

Create a blockchain in a single command.

Skip past weeks of writing boilerplate. Create data types that are unique to your chain with powerful scaffolding features.

Start a dev server with hot reload and state persistence.

Experiment with your chain in dev mode through token creation, token allocation, module configuration, and more.

Mint a brand new token and send it to the Cosmos Hub.

Interchain token transfers are native to Starport. Use the built-in IBC relayer to send assets and data to other chains.

Design state-of-the-art interfaces with UI generation.

Develop your frontend quicker with automatically generated APIs in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue.


Preview your blockchain online.

Use Starport Cloud to continuously deploy your blockchain application in a preview environment.

Instant blockchain deployment

Run a single command to deploy a preview of your blockchain live.

Front-end deployment

Easily preview and develop your client-side app, powered by a deployed blockchain.

Interchain infrastructure

Send and receive transactions between blockchains with IBC protocol using your own relayer.

Developer tools

Test and diagnose problems with your chain in a production environment.


Take your blockchain to production.

Use Starport Network to coordinate the launch of your blockchain with anyone in the world.

Cosmos SDK

Build a part of the new economy.

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Money as a primitive

Empowered communities

Digital assets that truly belong to users

Permissionless APIs

Interchain token transfers

Resilience and decentralization

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