Welcome to the SDK Docs!

Welcome to the SDK docs!

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Learn the SDK

SDK Intro

If you are a newcomer and would like to learn more about the Cosmos SDK, this intro is a good starting place.

SDK tutorial

If you like to learn by doing, you can follow the SDK application tutorial. It showcases how to build an SDK-based blockchain from scratch, and teaches you about the basic principles the SDK in the process.

Use the SDK

The following sections contain the information you need if you want to build a fully-functional SDK-based blockchain:

NOTE: We are currently working on improving the docs. Some info might be missing. If that is the case, try the Cosmos Forum. Failing that, open an issue.

  • Introduction: Contains introductory high-level material on the Cosmos SDK.
  • Gaia: Contains all documentation related to the gaia application (current name for the Cosmos-Hub). Also contains info on how to join gaia testnets.
  • Clients: Documentation about SDK clients like the SDK Command-Line interface and the SDK Light-client.
  • Specifications: Contains SDK and modules specifications.
  • SDK API Reference: Godocs of the Cosmos-SDK.
  • REST API spec: List of endpoints to interract with a gaia full-node through REST.

If you are reading this on the Cosmos Website, please know that you can find more information on github. Also if you find any issues with the documentation please open a Pull Request, or at least open an Issue to update the docs!

Cosmos Hub testnet

To install the latest version of the gaia application (application of the Cosmos Hub) and join the public testnet, click here

To start your own gaia testnet, click here


See this file for details of the build process and considerations when making changes.


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